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EquipGiantAuction.com Terms and Conditions

ALL BIDDERS/BUYERS ACKNOWLEDGE that they have READ and fully UNDERSTAND the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS in their ENTIRETY and AGREE TO BE BOUND THEREBY. Important note: Each auction may have additional terms and conditions not listed here. It is the buyer's responsibility to understand all the terms and conditions prior to submitting any/all bids, at all times, no exceptions.

EquipGiantAuction.com is a division ofTitan Managed Services, Inc. EquipGiantAuction.com is acting as an authorized auction agent/representative for AuctionTime.com (a division of Sandhills Publishing). Any/all items listed, bought/sold at auction by EquipGiantAuction.com are done under the supervision and authority granted by AuctionTime.com and it's parent company.

Any/all persons, corporations, etc who in any way participate and utilize the services of EquipGiantAuction.com, and in turn AuctionTime.com and their software, hereby agree to hold both EquipGiantAuction.com, it's parent company as well as AuctionTime.com and it's parent company, harmless and hereby indemnify them from any claim of misrepresentation, missing, unrecorded or un-entered bids, etc. No claim, other than complete and willful negligence, may be made regarding any listing, advertising, or the lack thereof. Any/all items are listed/sold As Is, Where Is with No Warranty, express or implied. All Sales are Final for both buyer and seller.

Register to Bid – It's FREE!

Anyone who wishes to bid, all prospective buyers, must register with AuctionTime.com. Registered users must remain in good standing with both AuctionTime.com and EquipGiantAuctions.com in order to bid on items listed in the online auctions and/or to submit offers on equipment listed for sale. AuctionTime.com and/or EquipGiantAuctions.com reserves the right to remove a bidder for not complying with these terms and conditions, or for any other reason that they may determine prudent, at their sole discretion.

NO Buyer's Premium! NO Buyer's Fees! NO Hidden Charges!

EquipGiantAuctions.com, acting as an authorized agent for AuctionTime.com, does not have a buyer's premium. If at any time, there are any fees on an individual item that aredue by a buyer, such fees will be listed in the item description as well as in the terms of the specific auction.

Photographic Representation and Item Description

EquipGiantAuctions.com representatives are not professional photographers and are not mechanics. Photos and descriptions may not depict all aspects, or faults of an item. The best way to determine an items condition is to inspect it yourself, prior to bidding/purchase. Photos and descriptions are to be used as a general guide. Although “best effort” is used to both photograph and describe each item, very often, the descriptoin and or photographs may not be a completely accurate representation of the mechanical or physical condition of an item.


All itmes listed/sold are "As Is, Where is" with No Warranty and No Guarantee, express or implied of any kind. Inspection of the property before bidding is strongly encouraged. Written, photographic or verbal descriptions from the seller, seller's agent or EquipGiantAuctions.com are not guaranteed to be accurate. Bidder's are responsible for inspection of the items and will not be issued a rebate or refund for any reason. Seller or the seller's agent's contact information and location of the item will be provided with the listing description of each item for sale.

Winning Bidder/Buyer's Payment for Items

Successful bidder is responsible for making full payment within 3 business days from the close of the auction. All payments shall be made pursuant to the invoice, and instructions therein, that will be send via email to the email address of the registered winning bidder. No other invoice will be issued.

Acceptable payment forms are direct cash deposit with receipt confirmation or by wire transfer with receipt confirmation. All international transactions must be paid for with a wire transfer.

Once the full payment is received, a paid receipt/invoice and Bill of Sale will be provided to the buyer. IMPORTNAT: also see Titles and Bill of Sales section below, as applicable. Failure of the bidder to submit full payment, or failure to remove all items, may result in the bidder being blocked from future auctions with no further justification or notification.

Sales Taxes, Registration Fees, etc.

FET, sales & use tax, registration fees, etc as may be applicable will not be included on the auction invoice. However, as applicable, these charges must be paid by the buyer, directly to the seller or to the seller's agent, for all non-titled items. The winning bidder may be notified of any of these charges, either by phone or email. Any/all of these charages due shall be paid in full, payable to the seller or seller's agent, in either cash or cash equivelent prior to removal of the item. The seller, or seller's agent, shall issue a detailed receipt for any payments made direclty to the seller or to the seller's agent.

Titles and Bill of Sales

There will be a $25 title processing fee on all titled items. Buyer will be contacted via email the day of auction in regards to titling information. EquipGiantAuctions.com requires title information including name(s) and complete address via email or any other written form for our records. All titles will be endorsed as directed – No open titles will be issued. Titles to any titled items will be mailed to the buyer via common carrier or certified mail in approximately 14 days (unless otherwise noted in item description) after receipt of complete payment, regardless of payment type. EquipGiantAuctions.com is not responsible for any lost titles.

Item Pick Up, Loading and Transportation

Upon receipt of full payment, and any applicable taxes, etc., the winning bidder/buyer is responsible for all loading, removal and transportation/shipping charges of any/all items purchased. Any items not removed by the specified removal date may accrue a $25/day storage fee (to be collected by seller, or seller's agent, prior to release, removal). Generally all items must be picked up within 10 business days from the date of the sale. Any items left longer than 10 business days may be subject to storage fees at the sole discretion of the seller and/or the seller's agent. If a buyer fails to pick up any item within 30 days of the auction close, the buyer hereby agrees that, at the sellers sole discretion, said item(s) may be returned for auction sale at the next available EquipGiant auction with proceeds, less storage fees and auction commissions, payable to the original winning bidder/buyer. Any/all removal, loading and transportation costs shall be at the expense, liability and risk of the winning bidder/buyer, no exceptions unless otherwise detailed in writing.

ellers Auction Terms – Pursuant to a Separate, Signed Listing Agreement

Owners/Sellers understand and acknowledge that any/all items consigned to the auciton can not be withdrawn. Seller asknowledges that they assigning EquipGiantAuction.com to act as the Owner's authorized auction representative. Owner/Seller understands that they are extending an irrevocable offer to sell the item to the highest bidder. Seller/Owner may set a reserve/minimum starting price for an item if a non-refundable listing fee is paid in full in advance. All auctions items with which have met a minimum bid will be sold at absolute auction, all sales final. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, all owners/sellers acknowledge that they are also subject to and shall abide by the additional terms and conditions as described in the separate Sellers Listing Agreement.

NO Shill Bidding Allowed

All EquipGiantAuctions.com consigned sellers hereby agree to never bid on your own items nor have any other party place bids for you. Nobody is allowed to bid on behalf of any seller in any manner. No bidding/price collusion is allowed. Seller will not use an alias to place bids on any of the seller's items . Any seller or bidder participating in shill bidding will be banned from all future EquipGiantAuctions.com auctions without notification at the sole discretion of EquipGiantAuction.com, and may be subject to legal action. The same ban may apply and be enforced by AuctionTime.com at their sole discretion. No buybacks are allowed.

EquipGiantAuction.com Contact Info

Please call 1-877-805-5700 with any questions on Registration, How to Bid or How to Sell. If by mail, 9530 Hageman Rd, Ste B-110, Bakersfield, CA 93312

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