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How to Bid/Buy

Free Bidder Registration

Before you can place a bid on an item listed, you must resiger with AuctionTime.com

Registration is free. Once you are registered to bid you can view the sellers information and contact them, as you wish, to ask questions about the items you are interested in bidding on.

You must be registered to actively bid on any item listed on AuctionTime.com.

To register, simply click on the Register to Bid Online button on our home page. Registration is a simple, two step process. First, enter the information online as requested. Any/all information submitted during the registration process is 100% confidential.

Once you have submitted your registration online it will be sent directly to the AuctionTime staff for approval. You will then receive a phone call from an AuctionTime representative to finalize your registration. They will answer any questions you might have at that time.

Item Inspections

You are encouraged to contact the seller of any lot number/item that you are interested in bidding on before you place a bid. All items sold at auction are sold As Is, Where Is with No Warranty of any kind. It is best to contact the seller with any questions well before the auction starts and certainly before placing a contractually binding bid.

Bidding Options

Once you are registered and logged into AuctionTime.com then you can place bids on any items that you would like to bid on. Once you submit a bid you are contractually obligated to honor that bid.

Advance Proxy Bidding

The advance Proxy Bid system allows you to place a bid up to one week in advance of the end of an auction item. Once the 24-hour live auction officially begins, your proxy bid(s) will be automatically placed and processed by the AuctionTime system. An email notification will be sent out immediately following the close of the sale regarding the status of your bid. The email status will let you know if you were the high/winning bidder, or not.

In order to place an advance proxy bid, first, click on the item/lot number that you are interested in bidding on. Second, type in your maximum bid amount in the Bid Now box. (note, the system will not allow you to place a bid more than one week in advance)

Third, hit Enter to submit your bid and you will be directed to the online bid confirmation page where you will need to verify the item number and the amount you’ve entered are correct. Once you have confimed your bid, an email notification will immediately be sent to you to confirming that the AuctionTime system as received and recorded your advance Proxy Bid. If you placed an advance Proxy bid, it can be canceled/removed at any time prior to the time live auction bidding starts.

Bidding Live on Auction Day – Every Wednesday, Every Week

You can participate in live bidding during the 24-hour auction period each and every Wednesday. Login to AutionTime.com and you can monitor the auction and place live bids on any lot number/item that is scheduled to end that day.


You can either place an incremental bid, i.e. the next allowable bid amount shown. Or you can simply place your maximum bid, i.e. the highest amount you are willing to pay for that item number. The seller and other bidders will never know what your bid amount is. AuctionTime.com will automatically place the bids, on your behalf, using the smallest bidding increment necessary to ensure that you remain the high bidder, until your max bid is met. If another bidder has placed the same bid before you, or if they have placed a higher max bid, the system will immediately let you know that you’ve been outbid. You will have the opportunity to place another bid as you wish, as long as it's done before the auction closes.

To ensure that all bidders have a fair chance to bid, any last second bids will extend the auction end time. When the item has one hour left in the auction, the system will display that any bid placed in the last one minute of the auction will extend the auction close time by an additional fourty (40) seconds.

Example: If a bid is placed at 2:59:30 p.m. and the auction is scheduled to end at 3 p.m., the auction will be extended until 3:00:10 p.m. The system will continue to extend the end time by an additional fourty (40) seconds as long as bids are being placed on that lot number/item.

When no more bids are being placed, and the auction time has ended, an email notification will be sent out to the winning bidder. The notification will include the winning bid amount, payment instructions as well as the seller’s contact information.

The seller will also receive an email with the winning bidder’s contact information. If you are the winning bidder, it is up to you, and the seller, to contact each other and decide on the details of the transportation of the item. Full payment must be received by AuctionTime and processed to the seller before the seller will release any item purchased.

Navigating the Auction Site

Click directly on an item listing or use the Search function to locate a specific make, model or year item. Each individual item will have it's own page with a unique lot number, pictures and description. This page also includes the auction information on the piece, i.e. the lot number, the minimum opening bid amount and the date/time that the auction will end.

You will also see the sellers information, which can only be seen by registered bidders who are logged in. If you have any questions about the specifications of an item, you are urged to contact the seller well before the action starts. Do not wait until an auction has started to try to contact a seller because very often sellers are extremely busy on auction day.

If you search for an item and the search returns multiple items then you can to sort the items in several different ways to help identify which ones are best suited for you. Some of the sorting parameters include, Year, Manufacturer, Model, Price, and item Location.

You can save items of interest in your Watch List.

What a Buyer can Expect, Your Responsibility as a Bidder

All auctions start on Wednesdays and close in 24 hrs. Bidding opens on each item promptly 24 hours prior to the time shown as the End Time on each individual auction lot number/item.

All items are sold As Is, Where Is, with No Warranty unless otherwise described and/or confirmed by the seller. Neither AutionTime.com nor EquipGiantAuction.com, their corporate parents, officers or employees accept any responsibility for missing, inaccurate or unverified information. Buyers are subject to caveat emptor, with no exceptions.

Bidding – If you placed an advance Proxy bid, it can be canceled/removed at any time prior to the time live auction bidding starts. Otherwise all bids are considered to be a binding purchase agreement. You are contractually obligated to pay for any items for which you are the high bidder.

Before you place any bid, you should contact the seller with any questions you have about the lot number/item. You are urged to contact the seller several days before the auction starts. If you are the winning bidder, Full Payment is due in U.S. funds for all auction purchases within 3 business days of the close of the auction. Acceptable forms of payment are: wire transfer and credit cards are accepted with a 3.5% convenience fee added to the purchase price. No auction items will be released until your payment clears the bank. You will be notified once payment has been cleared.

Note, in most all cases all loading/shipping/transport charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please contact a shipping company, make arrangements and schedule with the seller.

In some cases sales tax is due in addition to the final bid amount, to be dtermined and collected by the seller. Note, even if sales tax is due it will not show on the invoice that you.

Terms & Conditions

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